School Gardens

One of my passions in life is teaching children and teens about making healthy food choices. I spent a year working as a project coordinator of childhood nutrition at my local food policy council. Under a grant from Burt's Bees: The Greater Good Foundation, I succeeded in piloting a Harvest of the Month program in four public elementary schools. Each month we celebrated a local vegetable which included bringing chefs into cook with the students and taste the vegetable of the month. Part of the program was sending recipes and stickers home to create a dialogue about local vegetables with families, and teaching the importance of healthy and sustainable food. 

During that time I also contributed to the Slow Food USA school garden manual and presented at the 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium on how to create a comprehensive childhood nutrition program. 

I continue to be a member of my three youngest daughters' public Montessori elementary school health team. Through our work we've created and implemented a school wide composting program, we host an annual School Health Night, and we consistently look for new programs to put the health of our students and teachers first. Read more about our "Kitchen On Wheels" that we use for tasting class garden harvests.